Training your dog can be a very rewarding activity for you and your best buddy. Obedience training is a gift you can give your dog and although it won’t solve all behavior problems it can act as the basis for solving most doggie dilemmas.

The most important thing that obedience training does is open up the lines of communication between you and your pet. This means that you now have a platform for protecting your dog and others from harm. Training your dog can take many forms but you can begin with the simple commands of ‘sit’, ‘stay’ or ‘stop’ (chewing the furniture or your toes!).

What are the other benefits of training your dog? Dogs are naturally boisterous, social animals and without the benefit of correct training they pretty much do what they like. This could include fighting with other dogs, digging holes in the backyard, chasing cats and birds and barking non-stop. An untrained dog may even bite you or members of your family.

Training your dog works because it helps your pet to re-direct his natural tendencies into activities that are more suitable to your home situation where a howling, barking dog may be a nuisance or children may need to be protected. . If you want your dog to be an asset, training your dog is essential.

But training your dog achieves more than that. Obedience training can help your dog to sort out the proper social hierarchy. When your dog obeys you by sitting or coming when called he is showing respect to you. In the family situation the owner takes the role of the dominant or ‘alpha’ male. You can teach your dog who is boss by using the paw raise gesture or hand lick command, for example.

Obedience training is best implemented when your dog is still a puppy but can you teach an old dog new tricks? Yes, both very young and older dogs can be trained effectively. While it may be easier to teach a dog with few or no ingrained habits older dogs respond well to learning new commands. Once you start to see the benefits of training your dog you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner!

Trained dogs mean more freedom for both dog and owner as your dog will come when called, stop when you tell him to, and in general be a more fun dog to have around. Training your dog is a great opportunity to bond with your dog and is a must for all dog owners.

Start today by enrolling your dog in a class to learn the basics of obedience and good manners. Once he or she has learned the basics you can continue training your dog at home and in other environments- teaching him the basics of staying put in the car and how to obey you when he is surrounded by people or other dogs.

Always keep sessions short when training your dog and make them part of your daily schedule. And don’t forget to reward your dog for a job well done! The more rewards the quicker the learning process – what else? Good luck!

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